Your Successful & Happy Career in Vet Medicine

VetX:Thrive exists because we believe being a vet can and should be the best job ever. But we also know that the challenges you face in practice each day can take their toll and leave you feeling burned out or disenfranchised. The reality is that being a vet is also a hard job and the clinical training you received at vet school is simply not enough to ensure a great career.

In fact, there is another skill set that is so much more important. The non-clinical skills (or life skills as we call them) are things like emotional intelligence, the smarts to say the right word and the right time, the ability to manage your time. These, and many besides are the skills that will provide you with the foundation for a happy and healthy career as a vet.

VetX:Thrive teaches these skills exclusively. But this is so much more than an educational platform. This is a toolkit where you will have access to templates, frameworks and worksheets to help you build and execute your plan. Plus you'll be part of a global support network - a place of positive encouragement. 

And finally, you'll be learning in a RACE and Vetted accredited community where you can get 12 hours of structured education credit.

What You'll Learn

VetX:Thrive combines teaching, practical tools and live group mentoring and community support into one experience so you can develop your skills effectively and safely with your peers. At the heart of the VetX:Thrive program are our outstanding non-clinical skills training modules and associated toolkits. A recognised expert in their field delivers each session. These training modules build consecutively to teach you the tools, mental judo and skills essential to your success and happiness. You can find the full training schedule below.
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Member Benefits

As a VetX:Thrive community member you'll receive

  • Accredited Training Modules

    There are over 15 hours of world-class training modules with RACE & VetEd accreditation which tackle subjects in easily manageable chunks.

  • Templates and Worksheets

    Each module comes with a supporting tool, framework and quiiz to help you to easily implement the strategies you learn. So you can start winning immediatly

  • Mentoring & Support

    Through our online community & mentoring sessions, we'll keep you on track to meet your goals. We'll celebrate the wins and help overcome your struggles.

Course curriculum

Meet Your Mentors

USA Timezone

Dr Steve Noonan

USA Timezone

"Happiness & positivity are contagious such that we can become an epi-center of positivity, radiating & infecting those around us"
Australia Timezone

Dr Shibly Mustapha

Australia Timezone

"There's a fast way & slow way to get where you want to be. Drawing on the experience of other successful people is one of the fast ways"
European Mentor

Dr Dave Nicol

European Mentor

"The world is never going to change just because you think it should. You are the change, so become what you want to world to be more like"

Why Join VetX:Thrive

  • Career objectives and planning

  • Positive mindset training

  • Communication skills

  • World class mentors

  • Supportive global peer network

  • Career success toolkits

What community members say


Dr Michael Fontano


"I like VetX:Thrive because feel like I still have a network of peers available to me instead of me being on my own."

Dr Charlotte Dawson


"Each area we have covered in VetX:Thrive has taught me something new I can carry confidently to incorporate at work."

Dr Helen O'Kelly


"Since joining VetX:Thrive, I feel in a safer and happier place, where I have a mentor and a group of friends for support."

Pricing options

A low cost monthly payment. (we welcome members from all over the world).


Your common questions answered

  • How is VetX:Thrive different from other veterinary support services?

    VetX Thrive is the only place you will find the educational content Dr Dave Nicol has created. It's tailored specifically to the veterinary associates and has helped hundreds, if not thousands of vets like you to enjoy their work. Secondly, VetX:Thrive toolkits and worksheets are the mechanism whereby you take knowledge and put it into practice. This is not some theory driven course, it's a community that is serious about helping you connect with and love your work. VetX:Thrive is the home of online mentoring. And all of our mentors have three things. Huge experience in practice and as coaches. Plus, they all want the same thing, to help vets like you have a great career. Finally, we offer an easy to access, accredited solution to your challenges all at a great price.

  • Do I get any CE/CPD points for my membership in the community?

    Absolutely. Members can submit a minimum of 12 hours of approved CE/CPD as part of their membership.

  • IncludeHow do the live mentoring sessions work?

    Our live sessions are primarily for helping you to achieve your objectives. So we encourage you to submit your challenge ahead of time so your mentor can prepare you the best answer possible. During our live sessions, all community members can attend and listen. We find this to be very useful as many of the challenges faced by members are shared. So you can easily apply what someone is learning